Thursday, January 24, 2013

Does Nail Polish Harm Your Nails?

Americans spend billions every year on nail care products but many may not be aware of the harm that nail polish can cause to fingernails and toenails over time.

Nails can turn yellow from absorbing pigment of color from the polish. Some polishes have iron oxides in them, the same chemicals we know as “rust.” Your nails can “rust” in their own way when using polishes with these chemicals in them. Many nail polishes also have formaldehyde in their list of ingredients. When the keratin protein in your nails reacts with this chemical, nails can become yellow and brittle.

Gel nails are very popular in salons. Through its application and removal, this type of manicure has been found to make nails weak, brittle and thin over time. Acrylic nails are also common but can be dangerous if they lift off the natural nail even slightly as this small gap leaves the natural nail at risk for infection.

If you have thick and discolored nails, which are most likely from a fungal infection, it is never a good idea to apply nail polish to cover them up. Nail polish does not allow nails to breathe and prevents necessary moisture from getting in. It is also important to remember that nail polish remover contains acetone which dries out nails and over time can make nails brittle as well.

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